Particles + Music in Haskell


((To be updated periodically, as my ideas take form (or crash)))

This post is to outline some ideas for what might be my RC project and to collect some references for it. The idea is to be able to write a score or program for producing a generative film coupled with a generative sound track. For the film score, I’m considering Euterpea, so that makes some kind of Haskell program the logical choice for the generative film. Something like my old 2013 Processing project Seurat, but more sophisticated and flexible.

(2013) As I recall, the film part of the Processing project was essentially a stochastic particle system that used Brownian motion and also some sine waves of different, maybe incommensurable periods to regulate the pacing, density, etcetera of the film. (Same for the audio).

I’ll collect some references on particle systems in Haskell and see if this is a feasible approach.


Haskell, general


Particle Systems

Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)